Sports Physiotherapy

People of all ages and abilities can benefit from seeing a physiotherapist,

  • Recreational athletes
  • Elite athletes
  • Athletes with a disability.

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised area of physiotherapy that focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sports injuries, and advising to maintain optimal performance. This can involve treatment of either acute injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle or tendon tears. It can also involve treatment of a problem that has arisen due to poor or inefficient patterns (biomechanics).

Additionally we can provide specific exercise programs for:

  • Flexibility
  • Agility and balance
  • Core stability
  • Strength and power
  • Analysing sporting technique/movement to improve performance and reduce risk of injury
  • Bone health.

Our physiotherapists Roger Judd, Craig Little and Martin Giles have a great interest in sports and are experienced in treating a wide variety of sports injuries.

Our ultimate goal is to restore full function for your return to sport, recreation or work.

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